Elizabeth I

Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was born at Greenwich Palace, Kent, September 7 1533.

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth succeeded her half-sister. Mary I as Queen of England in November 1558. Her reign proved to be a tonic for the nation, particularly after the oppressive reign of Mary I.

She re-established the Protestant Church in England and supported the Dutch who revolted against the rule of her former brother-in-law, Felipe II of Spain. Her navy soundly defeated the Armada he sent against England.

She was a strong Queen, encouraged maritime adventurers to roam the high seas, and this resulted in new opportunities for trade and the Arts.

Elizabeth had many suitors, including Sir Robert Dudley, who became the 1st Earl of Leicester in 1564. But she did not marry. After a very successful and popular reign of more than 44 years, Elizabeth I died March 24 1603 at Richmond Palace, from blood poisoning caused by a tonsillar abscess. She was is buried in Westminster Abbey, and was succeeded by James VI of Scotland.

Windsor Castle during the reign of Elizabeth I.