James VI, King of Scotland and (I) of England

James, the son of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley and Mary I, Queen of Scots, was born in Edinburgh Castle, June 19 1566
He married Anna, daughter of Frederik II of Denmark, and Sophie of Meclenburg-Gustrow, at Oslo, November 23 1589.

Left: James I of England.
Above: Anna of Denmark




Named Charles James - the first British sovereign to bear more than one first name. James succeeded to the throne of Scotland on July 24th 1567 at the age of 11 months when his mother, Mary Queen of Scots, abdicated.

The coronation took place at the Church of the Holy Rood, Stirling on July 29th and James ruled  under a regency until 1583. He grew up at Stirling Castle in the care of the Countess of Mar.

There were three wedding ceremonies in Norway before King James and Princess Anna were finally married. Her coronation took place at Holyroodhouse in May 1590 when they had returned to Scotland.

In March 1603, on the death of Elizabeth I, James succeeded to the English throne. He was crowned in Westminster Abbey the following June and became the first sovereign to reign over both England and Scotland.

Coronation of James I, Westminster Abbey.

James I died at Theobalds Park, Hertfordshire, March 27 1625, and is buried in Westminster Abbey. He was succeeded by his son, Charles.

Anna of Denmark died at Hampton Court Palace, March 4 1619 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.