Mary I, Queen of England

Mary, the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, was born at Greenwich Palace, February 18 1516.
She married Felipe, son of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Isabel of Portugal.

Mary I

Mary succeeded Lady Jane Grey in July 1553.

She was a sickly child and is believed to have suffered from congenital syphilis. All her life she was in poor health. After the  execution of her mother, Mary was told by Henry VIII that the marriage had been unlawful. This implied Mary was illegitimate. As she grew up, Mary became a staunch Catholic.

The Earl of Arundel brought the news to Mary at Framlingham Castle that she had succeeded as Queen. She was crowned in Westminster Abbey on October 1st 1553, and soon afterwards married Felipe of Spain. Felipe received the title, King of England, but held no real power in the country.

Mary died at St James's Palace, November 17 1558, and is buried in Westminster Abbey. She was succeeded by her half-sister, Elizabeth.

Felipe II of Spain

Felipe succeeded as King of Spain in 1556. From 1580 he also ruled Portugal. He died in Madrid, September 13 1598 and is buried at El Escorial.