Edred, King of England

Edred, the son of Edward the Elder and Eadgifu of Kent, was born in about 923.


Edred succeeded his brother, Edmund I, as King of England in 946. He was preoccupied with Northumbria for most of his reign after allegiance there had been transferred to Eric 'Bloodaxe', the former King of Norway.

Edred's devastation of Northumbria in 948 included the burning of Ripon Cathedral. He finally defeated Eric Bloodaxe in 954 and united the kingdom of York with the rest of England.

Edred suffered from poor health for much of his life and died November 23 955 aged twenty-five at Frome in Somerset. His reign only lasted for nine years, and was succeeded by Edwy the Fair. Edmund I was buried in the Old Minster, Winchester.

Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire. Winchester was the capital of the kingdom of
Wessex. The present cathedral was built close to the site of the Old Minster.