Edward the Elder, King of Wessex

Edward, the son of Alfred the Great and Eathswith, was born in about 871
He married firstly in about 894 Egwina of Wessex. She died in about 901.
He married secondly in about 902, Elfleda of Wessex. She died before 920 and is buried in Winchester Cathedral
He married thirdly in about 920, Eadgifu of Kent

Edward the Elder

Edward, the eldest son of Alfred the Great, succeeded his father as King of Wessex in 899. Within 10 years he had conquered much of England south of the Humber that had been occupied by the Danes. In 918 his kingdom was enlarged with the inclusion of Mercia.

Edward died at Farndon-on-Dee July 17 924 and was buried at Winchester. He was succeeded by his son, Athelstan. His wife, Eadgifu, died in 968 and was buried in Canterbury Cathedral.