Edmund I the Magnificent, King of England

Edmund, the son of Edward the Elder and Eadgifu of Kent, was born in about 921.
He married firstly in about 940 Elfgifu of Wessex. She died at Shaftsbury, Dorset, in 944 and later became a saint.
He married secondly, Aethlflaed of Damerham, in about 945.

Edmund I

Edmund fought the Danes and Scots at Brunanburh alongside his brother Athelstan. When he succeeded his brother as king in 939, he secured the border with Scotland by ceding Strathclyde to Malcolm I.

Edmund I was only twenty-four when he was stabbed to death by a thief at Pucklechurch in Gloucesterhsire, while trying to arrest and outlaw. But his reign had lasted for more than six magnificent years.

He was succeed by his brother, Edred. His wife, Aethelflaed became a nun at Shaftsbury abbey and died there in 975.

Pucklechuch, Gloucestershire.