Aethelwulf, King of Wessex

Aethelwulf, the son of Egbert III and Raedburgh, was born in about 796
He married firstly Osburga, daughter of Oslac of Hampshire, who died in 855.
He married secondly Judith, daughter of Charles the Bold, King of the Franks, at Verberie-sur-Oise.


Aethelwulf succeeded his father, Egbert III as King of Wessex in 839. In 851 AD he won a major battle against the Vikings at Ockley, Surrey.

He abdicated in 856 in favour of his son,  Aethelbald, and left for a pilgrimage to Rome, taking his younger son Alfred (later to become King Alfred), with him. Alfred was confirmed in Rome before they departed.

On the way back to England they visited the court of Charles the Bald, King of the Franks. Aethelwulf became attracted to his young daughter Judith. They were married at Verberrie-sur-Oise in October 856.

Aethelwulf died January 13 858 and was buried at Steyning in West Susses. Later his body was moved to Winchester. He was succeeded by his son, Aethelbald.