Egbert III, King of Wessex

Egbert, the son of Aalhumund, sub-King of Kent, was born in about 773.
He married Raedburgh, possibly a Frankish princess.

Egbert III

Egbert was forced out of Essex in 789 when Offa of Mercia installed his future son-in-law, Beorhtric, as King there. Egbert travelled to France to be received in Charlemagne's court. There its likely he met Raedburgh, his future wife.

After Beorhtric's death in 802, Egbert returned to become  King of Wessex. Within a short time his kingdom also included Essex, Sussex, Kent and East Anglia - making Egbert one of the leading monarchs of his day. In 825 he defeated Beornwolf of Mercia in battle at Ellundaune, Wiltshire. In the same year he minted some of the first Wessex coins.

He died in 839 and was buried in Winchester Cathedral. He was succeeded by his son, Aethelwulf.

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