William IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland

William, the son of George III and Sophia Charlotte, was born August 21 1765 at Buckingham House, London.
He married Adelaide Louise, daughter of Georg I, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen, July 13 1818 at Kew Palace.


Queen Adelaide Louise and King William IV

In 1779 Prince William joined the Royal Navy as a midshipman at the age of fourteen. Later he served under Nelson. Because of his service at sea he gained the nickname 'The Sailor King'. He was nearly 66 years old in September 1831 when he and Queen  Adelaide were crowned in Westminster Abbey.

Coronation of Queen Adelaide Louise and King William IV

The Reform Acts were passed during William IV's reign which did much to shift power from the sovereign to the people via parliament.

The King died at Windsor Castle of pneumonia and liver failure. Lord Grey wrote: ‘His Majesty may truly be styled a Patriot King’. Queen Adelaide died aged fifty-seven, affectionately mourned by the royal family and the nation. He was buried at Windsor Castle and succeeded by his niece, Victoria.

Adelaide Louise died December 2 1849 at Bentley Priory, Stanmore, Middlesex.