George IV, King of Great Britain and Ireland

George, the son of George III and Sophia Charlotte, was born August 12 1762 at St James' Palace, London.
He married firstly in secret Maria Anne, daughter of Walter Smythe of Brambridge in 1775. The marriage was subsequently annulled.
He married secondly Caroline, daughter of Karl II, Duke of Brunswick-Wulfenbuttel and his aunt, Augusta, on April 8 1795 in the Chapel Royal, St James' Palace, London.

George IV

Prince George was five days old when created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester. He received a private education at Kew Palace and grew up to appreciate science, fashion, art, architecture, the seaside, food, drink and the company of women.

In 1785 he married a widow, Mary Anne Smythe. The wedding took place in secret as it contravened the Royal Marriage Act and was officially declared null and void.

His love of architecture and the seaside are manifested in the Brighton Pavilion. An luxury at the time in the town he made fashionable which delights many visitors who pass through its doors.

Prince George's marriage to his cousin, Caroline of Brunswick, took  place at St. James's Palace, London in April 1795. The couple had only met a few days previously and disliked each other from the start. When Princess Charlotte was born nine months later, they separated.

In February 1811, his father, George III, suffered a prolonged attack of madness, and Prince George became Regent of the United Kingdom. His father died 1820 and Prince George succeeded to the throne. In July 1821 a magnificent coronation took place in Westminster. No arrangements had been made for Queen Caroline to attend and she was prevented from entering the Abbey.

Queen Caroline died a few weeks later from a bowel complaint.

King George IV, who suffered from gout and respiratory problems, died peacefully on 26th June 1830 at Windsor Castle. He was succeeded by his brother, William IV.