William Rufus, King of England

William, the son of William I of England and Matilda of Flanders, was born in about 1057 in Normandy

William Rufus succeed his father, William I, the to English Crown in 1087. He was crowned in September that year in Westminster Abbey. Conflict arose with his elder brother, Robert, who had inherited the dukedom of Normandy. In 1091 William II invaded Normandy but the brothers made peace. The duchy was mortgaged to William while Robert took part in a Crusade.

William II fought both the Welsh and Scots. Malcolm III of Scotland invaded Northumbria in 1093 and was killed at Alnwick. William succeeded in bringing Cumberland and Westmoreland under English control.

In August 1100 William II was killed, hit by an arrow while hunting in the New Forest. Some say he was murdered by supporters of his younger brother, Henry, who succeeded as Henry I.

The Rufus stone in the New Forest marking the site where he was killed.