Henry I Beauclerc, King of England

Henry, the son of William I and Matilda of Flanders, was born in September 1068, possibly and Selby in Yorkshire
He married firstly Eadgyth, daughter of Malcolm III of Scotland and Margaret of Wessex, at Westminster on November 11 1100. She died May 1 1118 at the Palace of Westminster.
He married secondly Adeliza, daughter of Godfrey I, Duke of Lorraine and Ida, Countess of Namur, at Windsor Castle on January 29 1122.


Henry I and his first wife, Eadgyth

When William II died his brother, Robert, should have succeeded to the English crown. However, Robert was on a Crusade and this allowed Henry I to claim the throne. Robert attempted to invade but found his brother's position too secure. In fact Henry invaded Normandy in 1106 and despatched his brother Robert to Cardiff Castle for imprisonment.

Matilda, Henry's first wife, was a daughter of Malcolm III of Scotland. Their son, William was next in line for the throne but he drowned in 1120 when the White Ship sank in the English Channel. This left their daughter, Matilda, heir to the English throne. She was however prevented from succeeding in 1125 by Stephen, Count of Blois, who seized the crown when Henry I died.

Henry died at St Denis-le-Fermont, Rouen, and was buried in Reading Abbey.

Reading Abbey, Berkshire, was founded by Henry I in 1121.
He died at Rouen from eating lampryes, and his heart, tongue, brains and
bowels were buried there, and the rest of his body was buried at Reading Abbey.

Adeliza died at the Palace of Westminster May 11 1118.