John Lackland, King of England

John, the son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, was born at Beaumont Palace, Oxford on December 24 1166.
He married firstly Isabella, daughter of William FitzRobert, Earl of Gloucester, at Marlborough in August 1189. Their marriage was annulled in 1200. Isabella died in November 1217 and is buried in Canterbury Cathedral.
He married secondly Isabel, daughter of Aymer Taillefer, Count de Angouleme, at Bordeaux on August 14 1200.

King John

John succeeded his brother, Richard I, in May 1199. He King is regarded as being cruel and deceitful, having tried to take the English throne while his brother Richard was imprisoned in Europe. When he did become king, he imprisoned his nephew, Arthur of Brittany, who died in the jail.

King John lost much French territory to Philippe of France, and at first refused to accept the authority of the new Archbishop of Canterbury who was nominated by the Pope.

Ireland, Scotland and Wales all came within his influence, but he provoked civil war which led to his having to accept of the Magna Carta, drawn up by the barons to restrict royal power.

John meeting the barons at Runnymede and agreeing to the Magna Cartre

King John died October 18 1216 at Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire. He is buried in Worcester Cathedral. He was succeeded by his son, Henry III.

Isabel, who married the Count La Marshe in 1220, died May 31 1246 and is buried in Fontevraud Abbey in France.

Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire.