Earls of Salisbury

Patrick, from Evreux in France, was created Earl of Salisbury in about 1142 by Matilda, 'lady of the English' who attempted to overthrow King Stephen in favour of her son, Henry who eventually succeeded and Henry II. Patrick de Evreux died in battle at Aquitaine in March 1168 and was buried at Poitiers.

In 1198 his granddaughter, Ella, married William de Longespee, natural son of Henry II, and he took the title Earl of Salisbury.


From the memorial to William Longspee
in Salisbury cathedral.

Longespee, who held the manor of Ashridge, commanded the King's Army in Ireland in 1210 and three years later became Commander of the Fleet.  Initially he supported his half-brother, King John, in the baronís revolt. The Earl held a number of ambassadorial and military post before he died at Salisbury, Wiltshire, in March 1226. He was buried in the new Salisbury Cathedral, the church he had founded.