Edward I Longshanks, King of England

Edward, the son of Henry III and Eleanor de Provence, was born June 17 1239 at the Palace of Westminster.
He married firstly Eleanor, daughter of Fernando III of Leon and Castile, and Joanna de Ponthieu, October 1254 at Bergos. She died of fever at Harby Manor, Lincolnshire, in 1290 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.
He married secondly Marguerite, daughter of Philippe III of France and Marie, Duchess of Brabant, September 10 1299 in Canterbury Cathedral.


Edward I                          

Eleanor of Spain was aged nine, and Edward fifteen when they married, and they became devoted to each other. In 1272 Edward was in Sicily with Charles of Anjou when his father, Henry III died and he succeeded to the English throne. He and Eleanor were crowned in Westminster Abbey in August 1274.

Edward fought a series of wars against the Scots, defeating John Balliol whom he had placed on the throne but who later defied English dominance. Edward invaded Wales and killed Llywelyn, The last ruling Welsh Prince. He then ordered further castles to be built to subdue the Welsh people.

After Eleanor died in 1290, Edward agreed to a political union in an attempt to reduce tension between France and England when he agreed to marry Marguerite, daughter of Philippe III.

Edward died at Bugh-on-the-Sands, Carlisle, while on his way to Scotland to subdue Robert the Bruce, and was succeeded by his son, Edward II. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Marguerite died at Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire, February 14 1317.

The Monasterio de las Huelgas,
where Edward I married Eleanor of Leon and Castile.