Edgar the Peaceful King of England

Edgar, the son of Edmund I and Elfgifu of Wessex, was born about 943.
He married firstly Aethelfelda of Wessex, in about 961. She died in 963 and is buried in Wilton Abbey.
He married secondly in about 964 Elfrida of Devon.


Edgar became King of Northumbria and Mercia in 957 because of discontentment with the rule his brother, Edwy. When Edwy died two years later, Edgar became king all of England.. Archbishop Dunston delayed the coronation until Edgar improved his way of life. The ceremony was finally held in Bath Abbey in May 973. It was based on those used by the Holy Roman Empire and since then, all coronations in England, France and many other European countries, have been modelled on the ceremony.

His reign saw many years of peace. Forty new abbeys were founded and three church leaders - Archbishops Dunston of Canterbury, Archbishop Oswald of Canterbury and York, and Bishop Aethelwold of Winchester - held office under him. All three became saints.

One of the manors granted by Edgar to support the religious houses was the manor of Whistley, which was granted to Abbort Wufstan of Abbingdon Abbey in 968.

Edgar died at Winchester in July 975 and is buried in Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset. He was succeeded by his son, Edward the Martyr.

Elfrida died at Wherewell in Hampshire November 17 1000.

Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset