Woodley (meadow in the wood)

Woodley from Rocque's map of Berkshire, 1761
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Crossing the River Loddon by the sandy ford, travellers would enter the parish of Sonning and pass through Woodley, the 'meadow in the wood', on their way to Reading or Sonning.

The Manor of Bullmarsh appears to have been formed in the 15th century partially out of the manors of Sonning and Earley. In 1447 it was held by John Lovell.

The parish church, dedicated to St John the Evangelist, was built in 1873 by Robert Palmer of Holme Park. Formerly in Sonning parish, Woodley was formed into a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1881.

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Woodley 2000. © Ordnance Survey

In 2001 the census recorded 26,118 people living in 9,989 houses in Woodley

Woodley Parish Church

The Parish Church of St John the Evangelist, Woodley, 2001

Vicar (Woodley - Christ Church)

969 9499

Vicar (Woodley - St John the Evangelist)

969 7956

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