Loddon Bridge

Loddon Bridge on Saxon's map of Berkshire, 1607

Loddon Bridge, one of the main entry points into the forest, was important enough to feature on Saxon's map of Berkshire in the 17th century. But it achieved importance long before that. In 1191 Prince John, the brother of Richard I, who was absent on a Crusade,  summoned a meeting at Loddon Bridge of all the great men to consider the poor state of the nation. On October 5  the Prince and his barons took up a position on the west of the Loddon and awaited the arrival of William Longchamp, the King's representative. Afraid of the consequences, Longchamp refused to attend and sent the Earls of Arundel, Warren and Norfolk in his place. John was subsequently confirmed as Richard's heir and succeeded to the throne in May 1199. 

Loddon Bridge and the River Loddon, 2001

Loddon Bridge and the George Inn, 2001

The George, Loddon Bridge (click for earlier picture)

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