Edward VII, King of Great Britain and Ireland

Edward, the son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, was born November 9 1841 at Buckingham Palace, London
He married Alexander, daughter of Christian IX of Denmark March 10 1863 in St George's Chapel, Windsor.


Alexandra of Denmark and Edward VII.

Prince Albert Edward was created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester within one month of his birth. He grew up to be high spirited and an affectionate boy - though not regarded as a brilliant scholar.

He succeeded his mother, Victoria, to the throne at the age of 59. The coronation took place in August 1902. The ceremony had been planned for June, but the King became ill with appendicitis. He made a quick recovery following an emergency operation.

Princess Alexandra of Denmark proved to be one of Britain's most beautiful and elegant Queens. Unfortunately, she was handicapped by progressive deafness.

Edward VII died at Buckingham Palace May 6 1910. He was succeeded by his son, George V.

Queen Alexander died November 20 1925 at Sandringham House, Norfolk.