Edward VI

Edward, the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, was born at Hampton Court Palace, October 12 1537.

Edwared VI

Prince Edward succeeded his father, Henry VIII, as King of England at the age of ten. His coronation took place at Westminster in February 1547. The plans for Edward VI to marry Mary, Queen of Scots, were challenged by the Scots which led to the Battle of Pinkie fought in September 1547.

Henry VIII had decreed that a council of regency should run the government headed by Edward's uncle, Edward Seymour.  In 1549, Seymour was overthrown by John Dudley, Earl of Warwick who succeeded shortly afterwards as Duke of Northumberland.

Edward VI developed tuberculosis, a disease then known to be fatal. Fearing a Catholic reaction would arise if Edward's sister, Mary, became Queen, Northumberland induced the King to nominate the Protestant, Lady Jane Grey, as his successor. When Edward died after a reign of a little short of six-and-a-half years, a power struggle erupted in England as the reluctant Lady Jane became Queen.

Edward VI died at Greenwich on July 6 1553 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.