Edward IV, King of England

Edward, the son of Richard, Duke of York and Cicely Nevill, was born April 28 1442 at Rouen in France.
He married Elizabeth, widow of Sir John Grey, Lord Ferrers, and daughter of Richard, Earl Rivers and Jacquetta of Luxembourg, May 1 1464 at Grafton Regis Manor, Northamptonshire.


Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

Edward's father and brother were killed by the Lancastrians at the Battle of Wakefield during the first stages of the Wars of the Roses. But Edward lived to avenge their deaths, deposing Henry VI after victory at the Battle of Towton.

He was tall, blond and a skilled military leader who appealed to the opposite sex. His marriage was kept secret until it was suggested that he should make a political union. Knowledge of the marriage alienated his ally, Warwick the kingmaker, who transferred his support to Henry VI, and further outbreaks in the civil war became inevitable. In 1469 Edward IV was defeated at Banbury allowing Henry VI to reclaim the throne.

Edward IV finally defeated Warwick at the Battle of Barnet and was restored to the throne in 1471. Lancastrian hopes of regaining the crown faded with the death of Henry VI and his son, Edward, Prince of Wales.

Edward IV died in the Palace of Westminster, April 9 1483, and was buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor, He was succeeded by his son, Edward V.

Elizabeth died at Bermondsey Abbey, June 8 1492 and was buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor.