Edward III, King of England

Edward, the son of Edward II and Isabella of France, was born November 13 1312 at Windsor Castle, Berkshire.
He married Philippa, daughter of Willem V, Count of Hainault and Jeanne of Valois, January 24 1328 in York Minster.

A Victorian impression of the Black Prince presenting his father,
Edward III, with his captive, Philippe of France.

Edward was only fourteen years old when he succeed his father, Edward II, and was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey on January 29th, 1327. He proved to be a powerful monarch and a skilled military commander winning battles against the Scots and the French. His reign lasted more than 50 years.

When his cousin, Philippe VI, became king of France in 1328, Edward's claim to the French throne by right of his mother led to the Hundred Years' War. At first things went well for England. John II of France, Philippe's successor, was captured at Poitiers. He was allowed to go free in exchange for a huge ransom and sovereignty over Calais and Guienne. Edward also agreed not to pursue his claim.

Philippa, Edward's 'most dear consort' died in 1369. By that time the agreement with France had ended and the war resumed. He took a mistress and she, and her daughter, are blamed for infecting him with gonorrhea. Edward's eldest son, the Black Prince, had died leaving the next eldest son, John of Gaunt, to assume power as the King's health failed. Edward III died of a stroke at Sheen Palace, Surrey, in 1377. He was buried in Westminster Abbey, and succeeded by his grandson, Richard II.

Philippa of Hainault died at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, August 15 1369 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.