Charles II, King of England

Charles, the son of Charles I and Henriette of France, was born May 29 1630 at St James's Palace, London
He married Catherine, daughter of Joao IV of Portugal and Luise de Guzman, May 21 1662 in Portsmouth.


Charles II and Catherine of Braganca

Charles II was proclaimed King in 1649 while in exile, but was unable to occupy the throne because of the Commonwealth led by Oliver Cromwell. In 1650 he landed in Scotland and the following January was crowned King of the Scots at Scone. He gathered  men and arms for an invasion of England and met Cromwell's army in battle at Worcester. There he suffered a heavy defeat. However, he escaped the battlefield to have a 1,000 reward placed on his head and travelled to France where he spent eight years in exile. In 1660 he was recalled by Parliament to occupy the British throne.

Charles II died February 6 1685 at Whitehall palace and was buried in Westminster Abbey. He was succeed by his brother, James II.

Catherine of Branganca die December 31 1705 at the Palace of Bemposta, Lisbon.