Stanlake Park

Hinton House (Sir William Compton's House) and Stanlake Park (Mr Aldworth's House), 1723

Stanlake Park, 2001

The present house at Stanlake Park dates to the late 16th century. A new wing was added in the 18th century when the house was considerably renovated. Stanlake was the home of the Aldworth-Neville family, who also owned Billingbear.

In 1840 it was owned by the Revd. Sir Henry Robert Duckenfield bart., and partially leased to Leonard Currie Esq. In 1840 it was purchased by George Barker Esq. whose descendants lived there until 1951.

In 1979 the new owners experimented with growing vines at Stanlake Park. They were so successful that within a few years a range of excellent wines were being produced. Now Valley Vineyards is one of England's leading wine producers.

Valley Vineyards, Stanlake Park, 2001

Valley Vineyards

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Aldworth-Neville Family Pedigree

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