Sindlesham (Sinnel's village)

Sindlesham from Rocque's map of Berkshire, 1761

A chapel was recorded at Sindlesham, the village of the Saxon lord, Sinnel, in 1220, held by Robert de Sindlesham.

Sindlesham Lodge was acquired by Thomas R Harman by marriage in 1810 to Miss Forbes. It subsequently passed to the Foster family.

Sindlesham from the Hurst Parish Tithe Map, 1840

Sindlesham Mill

Sindlesham Mill was owned by the Simonds family in the 19th century. The complex now contains a public house and the Moat House Hotel and restaurant.

Sindlesham Mill (left) with the Moat House Hotel, left, 2001
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Sindlesham Baptist Church

Sindlesham Baptist Church, 2001. Built in 1881

Sindlesham Baptist Church

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