Forward by the Reverend David West
(Written for The Book of Hurst)

 It may be that, during the course of the next few decades, Hurst village will experience more change than at any other time in its long history. Neighbouring communities have already had to make acute adjustments in order to cope with the pressures of modern development. It is in this context that this book has been written.

There can be little doubt that Mr. Farrar's book will be well received and cherished for generations to come, for it not only presents but preserves facts relating to Hurst that might otherwise be lost altogether in the present climate of headlong haste and go-getting. It will be a book which will halt us in our crass disregard for the past; which will save us from preoccupation with the fleeting present, and which may all the better prevent us from being careless about the future of our village and community.

During the course of this year, in celebrating the 900th anniversary of the Dedication of the Parish Church, it may be said that, in all our celebrations, we have been a little self-indulgent. It is probably true. Our junketings will soon be forgotten but this book, I trust, will be a more appropriate and lasting indication of the extent to which we have a respect and high regard for all that we have inherited. Hurst, after all, is our home.

David M West (Revd)
The Vicarage,
Church Hill,
14 May 1984.