Newland (new land)


Newland from Rocque's map of Berkshire, 1761

The liberty of Newland no doubt came into being when new land was cleared for cultivation. In 1507 Nicholas Moore of Barkham held land and tenements there. By 1538 the property had passed into the hands of Sir Thomas Englefield.

Newland was included with Bearwood, and when Mr Walter purchased a large part of the estate from the Crown in 1830, part of Newland was included. The remainder belonged to the Simonds family.

Newland from Hurst Parish Tithe Map, 1840

In 1846 Newland with part of Winnersh were formed into the ecclesiastical district of St Catherine, Bearwood.

In 2001 the census recorded 2,280 people living in 878 houses in Arborfield and Newland villages

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