Merryhill (merry hill)

Merry Hill from Nordon's early 17th century map (click for Merry Hill Green in 1761)

There are no houses shown on Nordon's map of Windsor forest, only two small hills to the west of Wokingham. Several houses are depicted on Rocques 1761 map dotted around a green with the Emm brook running through it.

Merryhill Green & Lea Heath from Rocque's map of Berkshire, 1761
(click for 1840 map)

Merryhill and part of Lea Heath, 1840 (click for earlier map)

Much of Merry Hill disappeared in the 1970s when the M4 Link road to Reading was constructed. New houses have been built along the Emm brook in the remaining part of Merry Hill.

Silvester Close, Merry Hill Green

Bridge over the Emm brook, Merry Hill, 2001 (click for earlier picture)

Merry Hill, 2001 (click for earlier picture)

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