The Hurst Village Society by David Shapland

The Hurst Village Society was established in 1972 by the Rev Trutwein, who was concerned that plans to extract minerals from Sandford Farm would have significant detrimental impact on the village. The other founder members were Arnold Hutchins, James Wagg, Dick Bugg and Annette Drake.

The aim of the Society is to preserve and enhance the character of the Parish of Hurst as a living community, which it does by examining planning applications and commenting on those applications, which:

  • do not meet the criteria of the existing local development plans;
  • would have a detrimental impact on the street scene and on the visual environment of the Parish;
  • would have a detrimental impact by way of noise, pollution or safety, especially traffic; or
  • would otherwise adversely affect the amenity of the Parish.

The Society publishes a register of skills and a quarterly Newsletter. It also organises such events such as tree planting, litter walks, and the very popular annual Christmas Party.

For more information on the Hurst Village Society visit the Society's website.