Hurst House, Hurst

Hurst House 2001

Hurst House was built by Richard Ward in 1530. It was rebuilt to a similar plan using the original bricks in 1847 by the Revd. A A Cameron, though fine panelling, the remains of mullioned windows, brick chimney stacks and four wooden doorways were retained.

Hurst House was the manor house of the Ward and Harrison families. In 1720 it was purchased by Galen Cope. Twenty years later it was sold by his son, John, to James Waller of Lincoln's Inn. In 1772 John Wowen of Hanover Square, London, purchased the house from the Waller family. When Mrs Wowen died at the age of 72, Hurst House was purchased by the Revd. A A Cameron, vicar of Hurst. After his death it passed to his nephew, Archibald J Mackey.

Hurst House is a private home.

Ward (Warde) & Harrison Family Pedigree

A Few Words About Hurst by the Revd. A A Cameron

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