Arborfield (Edburghfield, Edburge's open land)

Arborfield from Nordon's map, 1607
(click map for Arborfield, 1761)

Arborfield from Rocque's map of Berkshire, 1761
(click map for Arborfield Cross, 1840)

The former Saxon settlement was assessed in the Domesday Survey as being held by the Bishop of Salisbury and having 60 hides of land, and woodland for 300 swine.

Arborfield Chapel

Ruins of Medieval Chapel, Arborfield

A wooden chapel existed near the Loddon at Arborfield in the early 13th century. It was rebuilt in 1256 of chalk and flint with a wooden tower. In 1377 there were 42 families living in the village. The old chapel is on land belonging to Reading University and is in ruins.

Arborfield Cross from Hurst Parish Tithe Map, 1840
(click for Arborfield, early 17th century)

In 2001 the census recorded 2,280 people living in 878 houses in Arborfield and Newland villages

Parish Church of St Bartholomew, Arborfield



  Arborfield Parish Church

The present parish church, which replaced the older church dedicated to St Bartholomew, was built in 1863.

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